DDSN 4406: Designer as Author

Fall 2019, Thursdays, 6-8:40 pm

The Designer as Author class is a chance for Junior and Senior level students in good academic standing to explore an idea or concept from feasibility to prototype over the course of one semester. Junior and senior students majoring in Digital Design with a GPA of 3.0 or higher my apply below. Applications are open March 22nd—April 12th. Applications will be scored and the top 10 candidates will be invited to register for the course. If your idea is not selected, you may apply again next Spring. The course is offered annually.

Due Dates

  • Form due below, midnight April 12th

  • Students notified of acceptance, April 19th

  • Students must register for the class by May 3rd


  • By application only, 10 students selected. See criteria below.

  • The student will propose one original project to be taken from concept to completion.

  • Students will meet weekly to discuss and develop idea.

  • Bi-Weekly guests will invited to attend from various applicable fields to give advice on a variety of topics including:

    • Funding/Venture Capital

    • Feasibility

    • Tech support

    • Prototyping

    • Printing, etc as needed depending on topics

  • Students are required to attend all guest lectures. Some off-site travel will be required, students must arrange transportation.

  • Students are expected to complete a thorough creative brief, pitch the brief to their intended audience and investors, create a series of deliverables ranging from branding, advertising, packaging, interactive, etc as needed to reach the design intentions. A minimum of 18 assets excluding the creative brief and presentation documents will be required.

  • Students are expected to maintain a highly professional classroom environment.

  • Students will set the timeline and expectations for their individual projects with a proposed timeline and schedule due at the end of the first week of class.

  • Various checkpoints will occur during the semester with industry professionals. Students are expected to be able to pitch, communicate and deliver clear and concise design intentions, concepts and prototypes during these checkpoints to receive full credit for the course.

  • Students will present and pitch their final artifacts to a panel of experts relevant to their project.


  • Must be a Digital Design major (SoPA or NTC is acceptable)

  • Must be considered a Junior or Senior based on DDSN credit hours

  • Must have completed blocks 1 — 4 on the DDSN matriculation guide (particular to your track)

  • Must have at least a 3.0 overall

  • Must submit a clear idea and scope below

  • Preference will be given to Seniors, however, Juniors are encouraged to apply

  • Form below must be submitted no later than midnight on April 12th

  • Students will be notified no later than April 19th

  • Students must register for the class within 2 weeks of acceptance letter

Apply for DAA Below:

Name *
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In a few sentences, describe the type of project or scope of project you would like to work on during the semester. The idea does not have to be 100% complete yet, just an overview of ideas you are considering.